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Dealing with Customers – A Challenge Sometimes
July 9, 2013

Today’s post is about dealing with customers and was prompted by a personal experience.

I am booked to go on a tour to the Shard and rang up the company to get some information about meeting point and duration. Sadly I couldn’t get any of the info because the lady insisted I give her a reference number and when I tried to give her the one I had she rudely interrupted me and asked me which website I booked on. If she would have taken the number I had, she could have figured out for herself. She got progressively ruder in the conversation – and to be fair, same goes for me. The call ended without any resolution and she slammed the phone¬†down on me.

Now I appreciate that it is not always easy to deal with customers, some might not have ALL the information required, you had a bad day, you don’t like the sound of the person, it is hot in the office and you might be underpaid and before lunch and hungry and tired and fed up. All valid reasons to be pissed off. However letting it out on customers can seriously damage a business.

So if you want your staff to be able to deal with customers in a professional and friendly manner even if they are not on top form, allow them to have a vent. We do offer corporate packages so get in touch to discuss and be sure to stay profitable and not to lose business due to unfriendly staff!