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Parents – It’s OK, Kids DO Rob our Last Nerve Sometimes
July 5, 2013

Throughout the years I have spoken to many moms and dads and there seems to be a common theme: having children is great BUT… From the initial sleepless nights and screaming infants, to struggles with eating and sleeping, to pushing boundaries and constant power struggles.

It is challenging to be a parent no matter whether you are a stay-at-home-mom, being with the children 24/7,  a dad who comes home after a hard day at work and has to put up with the noise and the bickering, or even a single parent having to go through both scenarios.

When I first heard the crazy violent fantasies some parents have when they are at the end of their tethered it  is shocking. But it turns out, this is not  uncommon amongst new parents. Luckily very very few people act on these fantasies. But it is still important to address this issue. It is normal to be exhausted, it is normal to want to have a bit of quiet and peace, it is normal to have outlandish thoughts if you have been in this kind of situation consistently for six months. You are not alone – if we weren’t too ashamed to ask, we would find out that most parents have felt like this at some stage.

The key is to acknowledge that you are human, things get a bit too much at times and you need some me-time to recuperate. It is in the interest of your children as well, so don’t feel guilty if you take a few hours off in the week to just go and do something positive for yourself. And for quick releases in-between just have a PhoneVent!