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Worrying – Is It Worth It?
July 23, 2013

I am a worrier. I have to come out straight with that. I worry about how the weather’s going to be like tomorrow, I worry about what am I going to have for lunch next time, I worry about having enough money in the bank, I worry about things that are in and outside of my control.

I always thought that being aware of certain situations and putting myself under pressure about the outcome is healthy and will ensure that the outcome will be positive. Recently however I had an epiphany – it turns out, the situation I was worried about most recently was going to be resolved in a good way sooner or later, me worrying just made things so much worse for me. So much so, that even though it’s all sorted and done, and everything is fine, I am still feeling the after-shock of the stress I was feeling. For three weeks I couldn’t think of anything else and now it is all sorted I am still panting. It’s like running a marathon and still panting a day after.

So my learning is to put things into perspective, do my bit, and then trust that it will turn out right in the end. Even when I am writing this, I’m thinking ‘Yeah, right, as if it would be that easy’. It’s not, especially for people who, like me, are naturally control-freaks, impatient and slightly anxious. However the more we try to control things, the less likely it is going to be the way we want it. It is just utopic to think that every microscopic detail will be the way we wanted it to be. And it doesn’t have to. The more we learn to be flexible (without compromising our boundaries and integrity of course) the less reason we have to worry, the more relaxed we will feel and the more we can achieve and get on with life and ENJOY it.

So to answer the title question: no it’s not worth worrying. And my resolution is to let go and just trust that I am doing enough and because of that, it will all come good in the end.

And if you want to introduce perspective into your worrying, call us for a PhoneVent and get it all out!

Pressure to Perform
July 17, 2013

There is a series of programmes on BBC3 at the moment on mental health. Amongst them was one called ‘Football’s Suicide Secrets’ which was quite revealing and shocking. But maybe not so much. Footballers are human, any high-performing sports man and woman is human. Any high-performing business-man and woman is human. Everybody is human. Whether he/she is operating in the public eye and we see them as always professional and on the ‘ball’ it doesn’t mean they don’t have their own issues they have to deal with and that they can always rise to the challenge and perform how they are expected too.

This of course is true for everyone. The point I am trying to make is that it doesn’t matter whether you are stacking shelves in the supermarket or you are David Beckham or Stephen Fry, we all need to learn to deal with pressure in a constructive and positive way. Because if we don’t, it will find it’s way out, whether we like it or not.

And this is what The Vent is there for. We believe that having a space where you can offload even the tiniest pressure without being judged, can prevent these pressures to mount up and lead into more serious issues like alcohol, drugs or gambling dependencies, or developing mental health issues like depression and/or anxiety. We are here to give you the opportunity to look at the issue, however big or small and put it into perspective.

Dealing with Customers – A Challenge Sometimes
July 9, 2013

Today’s post is about dealing with customers and was prompted by a personal experience.

I am booked to go on a tour to the Shard and rang up the company to get some information about meeting point and duration. Sadly I couldn’t get any of the info because the lady insisted I give her a reference number and when I tried to give her the one I had she rudely interrupted me and asked me which website I booked on. If she would have taken the number I had, she could have figured out for herself. She got progressively ruder in the conversation – and to be fair, same goes for me. The call ended without any resolution and she slammed the phone down on me.

Now I appreciate that it is not always easy to deal with customers, some might not have ALL the information required, you had a bad day, you don’t like the sound of the person, it is hot in the office and you might be underpaid and before lunch and hungry and tired and fed up. All valid reasons to be pissed off. However letting it out on customers can seriously damage a business.

So if you want your staff to be able to deal with customers in a professional and friendly manner even if they are not on top form, allow them to have a vent. We do offer corporate packages so get in touch to discuss and be sure to stay profitable and not to lose business due to unfriendly staff!

Parents – It’s OK, Kids DO Rob our Last Nerve Sometimes
July 5, 2013

Throughout the years I have spoken to many moms and dads and there seems to be a common theme: having children is great BUT… From the initial sleepless nights and screaming infants, to struggles with eating and sleeping, to pushing boundaries and constant power struggles.

It is challenging to be a parent no matter whether you are a stay-at-home-mom, being with the children 24/7,  a dad who comes home after a hard day at work and has to put up with the noise and the bickering, or even a single parent having to go through both scenarios.

When I first heard the crazy violent fantasies some parents have when they are at the end of their tethered it  is shocking. But it turns out, this is not  uncommon amongst new parents. Luckily very very few people act on these fantasies. But it is still important to address this issue. It is normal to be exhausted, it is normal to want to have a bit of quiet and peace, it is normal to have outlandish thoughts if you have been in this kind of situation consistently for six months. You are not alone – if we weren’t too ashamed to ask, we would find out that most parents have felt like this at some stage.

The key is to acknowledge that you are human, things get a bit too much at times and you need some me-time to recuperate. It is in the interest of your children as well, so don’t feel guilty if you take a few hours off in the week to just go and do something positive for yourself. And for quick releases in-between just have a PhoneVent!

Offloading – a Healthier Option
July 3, 2013

Apparently Hugh Jackman used his role as Wolverine to unleash his anger, to let off excess stress and steam (Metro, 30st June, 2013). But what do regular mortals do? Especially men? Quite  a lot of you guys will be working the weights, kicking or throwing the ball or strive for different coloured belts in a martial arts dojo.

But what happens if you don’t? Surpressed anger, stress and worry will surface one way or the other and often it can be quite self-destructive. If you find yourself needing that glass of wine or pint of beer to function and to relax every day, it is a sign that something needs to change.Not just because it is not good for your liver and heart, but simply also because alcohol is a depressant, and so will make whatever you are struggling with worse with time.

Maybe you just need to offload occasionally in a safe way (like having a PhoneVent with us). Or do sign up to the gym or join a five-a-side club or a dojo. But if the issue is more serious, you might want to research your support options starting from Alcoholics Anonymous to one-to-one counselling.



The Evening Standard, 9th July 2012
October 30, 2012

We had a very friendly review of The Vent in the London edition of the Evening Standard by Andrew Neather, who found it very helpful to have an offload. (If you’d like to rather read it on the ES website just click on the images.)

Shout Shout!And it went on to a second page:-)

We had some amazing response from this coverage!